Beyond "Your Box"

Some of the most successful people want more!  This coaching take you to continuously higher levels of experience and impact.

Breaking Free

Tired of the rut?  Helping you make your dreams real.  You can be different!

Meet Phil Reinke and the Decided Life Team


Phil and the team of Decided Life coaches are committed to making meaningful and significant idifferences in the live of individuals and the performance of organizations. 

The Decided Life Team has openings available to coach and/or mentor individuals who seek higher levels of personal fulfillment or professional success.

The Decided Life - Radio Interview

Taking you higher - With "the decided life"

Your Coach

Personal (Life) Coaching

Making it possible to be more of what you truly want to be in areas of personal relationships, happiness and fulfillment.

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Professional Coaching

Taking you to higher levels of professional effectiveness, performance and career and business success.